I practice GTD in Microsoft Outlook

OutlookでGTD - シリアルポップな日々This article is done the bookmark that 5users is an end of.
It is work now,

  1. Most work is desk work
  2. Generally Outlook is in the PC even if I move
  3. Lightness of the movement of the software

I practice simple GTD whether a reason says GTD with Outlook.
However, I gathered it up again because I passed for one year, and how to use changed a little.
About the GTD term,

Life Hacks PRESS ~デジタル世代の「カイゼン」術~

Life Hacks PRESS ~デジタル世代の「カイゼン」術~

I let you be similar.

  • After all I classify so-called "project" to consist of the plural "next physical actions" into "work" of Outlook.

All the information fills out a memo column of "the work". The way that I use shin, in check box ,□■ and divide into the particular "next physical action" is not strange.

I classify the duties to occur in ratios such as once a month into "a
I do not forget it if I see you to the point in January if the time is completed.
There is work when I turn a head each time, and it can be it in stress-free if I input a flow into a memo column with check box if it is typic work.

I manage it by "work" about "the project", but because it is it to an enormous number when I can enter "the work" about "the communication waiting" that is over with the action of the one one by one, I use the free software called extra ToDoViewer and, about a thing in a state awaiting communication, manage it.
Called "hold ●● telephone" is the method that input it in form, and check it if there is a telephone, and delete from ,●●.
Because norrowing is possible in the condition that "hold" is included in in ToDoViewer, it is convenient.

Will the number of "projects" be approximately 50 cases in big things and small things now? I teach the normal "project" by alarm about the thing becoming "the waiting for connection" every day once a week at 15:00 at 15:00 of Wednesday and I think about "an action of the next physics" at that point and carry it out.
I can easily forget it if I think that Outlook contains it entirely even if I hold an enormous item. Because I teach it by alarm if time when you should think comes, I seem to employ one, so to speak, excellent secretary. I match "a principle of one pocket".

About the backup, I copy a certain file in data folder once a week.
As for Outlook, it seems to be filed 1 all data, and backup is simple.
When a terminal changes by transfer, I copy the file and think it to be should take it.
In addition, I back up even that I synchronize to Google calendar.
Because there is not "work" to Google calendar, Google calendar can synchronize it in what I copy to "the schedule" on a point in time when I completed it about the completed "project".

About the email, I changed it from Thunderbird into Outlook.
I carried out thorough unification by doing so it and can search it by Windows desktop search more.
I take the backup about the email by transferring to Gmail automatically.
I come by an email check in PDA "Zaurus SL-C1000" even from the business trip by transferring to Gmail.

I publicize convenience of Outlook, but there is not the person using up Outlook with circumference. All are strange how you manage the plural work.
I think whether there is a case I am depressed because I manage the plural items with documents and a head, and to lay-off temporarily.
Because mostly it is installed in all PCs, in my workplace, I do not think it is a good idea when I use Outlook once.




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